Android Apps: Download The Best Android Apps

Android apps have come a long way: Thanks to the app war raging between today’s mobile platforms, the best Android apps are clearly the equal of the iOS apps. Google, understanding the critical importance of mobile, has grown Android into a world class app platform – and perhaps the overall global mobile winner, long term.

About Android apps

The single best feature you’ll find with Android apps is choice. You can pick apps that can handle everything from common smartphone tasks to manipulating the deepest levels of the Android operating system.

Realize that some Android apps are downloaded through the Google Play Store, while other apps are already pre-installed onto your Android phone. For example:

Google Android apps: Calendar, YouTube, Gmail, Hangouts and Google+ are some of the Google apps that are provided with today’s modern Android phones. These are applications that will run on any Android device.

Third party Android apps: These are often apps developed by companies or people who are not affiliated with Google. Most of these apps are provided by companies or individuals looking to make their software available for Android app users. One of the most common examples in terms of third party apps pre-installed are those provided by mobile carriers. (Read the rest)