A Quick Comparison of Ubuntu MATE vs Linux Mint MATE

Today John writes:

I’m really liking the new Ubuntu-MATE 16.04 and strongly considering switching over to it after the official LTS comes out. I’m currently using LinuxMint-MATE and really liked it, but the look of Ubuntu-MATE takes me back to my early Ubuntu days. How do I explain to those in my Linux SIG why I’m considering the change. Other than the Ubuntu-MATE top panel design, what’s the differences between the two in terms like you did with the engine? Maybe i’s the new software boutique, maybe it’s the Welcome app, but I’m sure there’s better reasons that I want to go with Wimpy’s team’s development.

This is an excellent question, John and while others reading this will disagree, I’ll share my opinion of what makes the two distros different. Keep in mind, this is my opinion. Your mileage from this opinion may vary. Also, this is by no means an exhaustive comparison. This is merely touching on important elements that I think are worth noting. (Read the rest at Freedom Penguin)