A Proper Linux Workstation

Today Joshua writes:

Can you give a walk-through of your current setup? The last I heard from LAS is that you were on Ubuntu MATE – is that still the case?




Boy, I don’t know how exciting this is (or isn’t). So in addition to my hardware and desktop environment, I’ll also touch on some of the software I run everyday as well.


Whenever possible, I prefer working in my office with the door closed, typing away on my desktop PC. Don’t get me wrong, notebooks are great…but I need two monitors to keep my brain focused on what I need to get done in a day.

While my secondary computers all run Ubuntu MATE (most 14.04), my main rig has been running Ubuntu GNOME 16.04. Overall, I’m fairly happy with it. Ignoring the fact that the extension system for GNOME is buggy, the extensions with GNOME Tweak provide most of the functionality I want. (Read the rest)