15 Must Have Android Apps: Messaging and More

With two Android phones and an Android tablet, I find myself relying on mobile apps more than ever. Unfortunately, finding useful apps isn’t always easy. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of my own must have apps for Android to share. Some of these apps might be considered widgets, however each of them provides a critical role in my daily Android usage.

Bacon reader – As big of a time suck as Reddit can be, it’s also a great place to pass the time. The real challenge to browsing Reddit on a smart phone is not becoming lost in your Sub-Reddit subscriptions. I’ve found that using Bacon Reader addresses this issue head on. It’s easy to use with one hand, plus I can navigate Reddit functionality without dancing around a convoluted UI. An added benefit is that it also looks great on Android tablets as well. (Read the rest at Datamation)