Linux Shirt Penguin Remix

Linux Shirt Penguin Remix! Linux offers the freedom to run your computer on YOUR TERMS. Let the world know that your PC runs FREEDOM. . .out of the box. – Two t-shirt types available. – Hoodie option available. – Multiple color (colour) choices. – US and EU options available.

Unrestricted Software Freedom Shirt

Exclusive to Teespring, this shirt shows the world that you’re an individual who is designed for unrestricted software freedom. The design itself is a parody of older OS specific stickers you’ve undoubtedly seen on PCs and laptops. Wearing one of these shirts/sweatshirts demonstrates to everyone around you that you’re a software freedom supporter and care … [Read more…]

FoSS Community – Together We’re Stronger

FoSS Community – Together We’re Stronger. At, I have  put together the artwork for a t-shirt that I think best represents  something users of all distros can appreciate. Together, the FoSS  Community is stronger than we are standing alone. This campaign supports the Linux distro review show, For The Record. Wearing one of these … [Read more…]

Must Have Linux Mint Software

I must admit that I’m still shocked at how popular Linux Mint has become. The reasons why are covered in my “Why Linux Mint won” article. But there’s more to Linux Mint than the distro itself. There are also what I’d call “must have” applications. This article will share my own must have applications that … [Read more…]

Windows vs Ubuntu: A Look Before You Switch

When I first thought about writing an article on Windows vs. Ubuntu, I decided pretty quickly that I would avoid trying to get people to switch operating systems. The fact is, that’s a deeply personal decision that I simply don’t need to influence. Instead, this article is written for someone who is considering switching from … [Read more…]

The year of WINE on Linux

WINE is a tool that allows Linux users to run select Windows applications without the need for a Windows installation. Yet historically, even with this tool, running Windows software with WINE on Linux has been very hit and miss. However now that WINE 2.14 is available, I believe we may finally see the year of … [Read more…]

Linux Careers: Getting Started

Linux careers offers plenty of possibilities. At the time of this article, a simple search of ‘Linux’ on yields nearly 72,000 jobs with 52,000 of them being recently posted. Clearly, Linux is a space where a good, solid long term career is possible. But there are some things you should know before you decide … [Read more…]