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15 Jul 11

Photobooth For Ubuntu Linux

Discover A Viable Cheese Photobooth Application Called guvcview

UPDATE: Running a new version of Ubuntu or Mint? Is the app crashing on you complaining about “could not open codec” when running the app in a terminal? I have the fix: add the following PPA. Add ppa:pj-assis/testing and update. You’ll be back in business in no time.

Cheese is buggy and slow. So I tried UCView and it’s only available for Ubuntu Karmic. Even at that, it crashes too easily in Ubuntu Natty. This brings us to guvcview. While it doesn’t offer everything I found with Cheese in the sense of a truly simple to use photobooth for Ubuntu Linux application, I was pleasantly surprised to find it provides rock solid video output. Not only did it offer all the same functionality Cheese would be offering to users if it actually worked right, but guvcview also provides photobooth for Ubuntu Linux functionality that is nicely bundled with my Logitech webcam controls. This means you can make real settings based changes to your webcam and it’ll stick!

Photobooth For Ubuntu Linux


Getting guvcview installed

Being as you’re already running Ubuntu, installing guvcview is as simple as installing it from your package manager. But like so many things that are available, there is a newer version of guvcview out there if you’re looking for photobooth type software for Ubuntu. You just need to add the proper PPA.

As always, the PPA offered for guvcview is likely to offer something for everyone except the very latest Ubuntu release. I’ve found that even though I might try for the application since it claims that the PPA supports Natty, this may not always be the case. So to battle this problem, I recommend just trying Natty first, then switch the name to Maverick if needed.

See this photobooth for Ubuntu software in action

(HD available, just click on the area that says 360p)

As you can see from the video, this software is extremely stable and will work great for Ubuntu users tired of waiting for Cheese to work its bugs out.

More Cheese, please

As I close this piece, please realize that I am not saying that Cheese is a dead project of that no one cares. Like an open source project I happen to be involved with, most of these things are done in our spare time. Not only that, but of the back-end stuff isn’t cooperating, then there may be little the developers of Cheese can do. All of this being said, until Cheese is able to not run like snot, I will be using guvcview as my choice photobooth for Ubuntu Linux application. This software even runs great using Eee-control Ubuntu. All I have to do is toggle on my camera so it’s available and start up guvcview. It’s just that simple.

Reader's Comments


    So ,photo boot and guvcview are different applications?
    Mi computer recognize my Logitech camera,but when I try to make work with pidgin or amsn it just doesn’t work,then I have to go change to the windows partition for that ,and it’s really annoying.
    I know my way around computers,but not so much in linux,could you pleas enlighten me about this( f having the time)
    Thank you very much


      I need vastly more detail to help. When you say it’s not working, what do you mean?

      The two applications are not detecting the camera at all or it detects them, but only shows a black screen?

      Also, what is the model of Logitech webcam?

      I suspect this is a matter of video4Linux vs video4Linux2, age of webcam depending.


    “No device detected” is appearing again and again whatt should i do ?
    my camera is a laptop ones …… please help me


    All: If you’re finding the webcam isn’t detected by software such as Skype or Empathy and the webcam is a few years old, try the following:

    In a terminal, run:

    LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/ skype


    LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/ empathy


    LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/ pidgin

    This allows older webcams, not compatible with recent driver updates, to still work with select software.