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04 Sep 13

How To Podcast With Skype On Ubuntu

Today Chris writes:

hey matt, i'm a LAS listener, and i also follow your google+ account. being a linux n00b, i like your how-to stuff, and i have a how-to question. i'm starting an audio podcast & i'm trying to voice-chat with my co-host over the internet. i dual-boot windows 7 & lubuntu, and my friend uses mac os x. i use cubase for audio editing (which doesn't have a linux port), so i figured i would chat over skype and i would capture the audio directly into cubase & edit from there. however, i was surprised to see how limited skype's audio configuration settings were. i couldn't find how to capture both the audio i was sending out AND the audio coming in from my friend with an external program, so i ended up having to download a shareware plugin (pamela for skype) with a free 30-day trial to capture the chat, and then import it into cubase after the fact. obviously this is not an ideal situation! since it seems i can't capture the chat directly into cubase, i might as well chat & capture in linux, and then edit later in windows with cubase. do you have a good solution for a low-latency (preferably open-source) voice chat solution that will work between linux & macOS and allow me to capture the entire conversation? thanks so much :) !

Skype Call RecorderWell Chris, if I am understanding you correctly, I think I have a method of recording Skype for podcasting that will more than meet with your needs. Enter Skype Call Recorder. Like you might have otherwise done with other software, this tool will allow you to record outgoing or incoming Skype call audio. The keys to using this safely, is watching the video below carefully, then making sure you understand the local laws in your area with regard to recording someone. As a general rule, the permission must be expressed clearly. So it's worthwhile to cover yourself in that space before starting a podcast with someone. Installing Skype Call Recorder Before you install Skype call recorder, you also need to manually install a library called  libssl0.9.8. Thankfully for us, Ubuntu makes this dead simple to do. If you can copy and paste using your mouse into a terminal windows, you can install this quickly and easily. Go ahead and open up a terminal window and paste in the following.

sudo apt-get install libssl0.9.8

Once this has finished installing, you're now free to visit the Skype Call Recorder download page. Select the appropriate distro and architecture. If you're unsure what this means, basically it's a means of determining whether you're using 64bit Linux or 32bit Linux. If you're unsure, not to worry, there is a simple command that can help here as well.

uname -a

Once you've run this in a terminal, you will look for x86_64. Seeing that set of numbers, tells us that you're running with a 64bit Linux kernel. If you don't see x86_64, then you're running 32bit Linux — simple. Now, you might also notice that the packages for Ubuntu seem a bit dated. Don't worry about this, as long as you have the right package downloaded, it will install just fine. Running Skype Call Recorder Simply follow the steps shown in this video and when you're done, you'll have a ready to go MP3 that can easily be popped into Audacity or another Linux-friendly program for editing. From there, you're all set from the content side of things.

Edit: Correction, this is GNU GPL software — cool!

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Reader's Comments


    thanks matt, this looks like the easiest solution. although i would’ve preferred an open-source chat client, the ones i looked at i would have had to run my own server, plus my mac friend would’ve had to set up a new client. thanks for the response!


      Actually I corrected the article — it is open source after all. I wasn’t clear on this until a short time ago. So good news, it’s GPL! :)


    Hi there! Despite taking a brief couple of months off from podcasting, this is the way TechBytes have been doing it since our show started. Very simple and effective way. Add a little post mastering with Audacity and bingo! Great way to record!


    I’ve been using Skype Call Recorder for a year or so now, and it works great for conference calls. I noticed that it would put me in one ear and the other callers on the other. I didn’t look too much into changing it, but it did irk some of my friends. Thanks for explaining how it’s done.

    My buddies and I record a show called Contest of Champions. My friend uses his mac to do the recording and editing. However, it crashes somewhat regularly, and I record the shows as well, for backup purposes when his mac craps out. They will be much happier with my recordings now that I can balance out the left/right sound.


    Better try MX Skype Recorder

    which is very simple and reliable, works in fully automatic or manual mode and supports various voip apps.